After putting out on Las Sendas Golf Club’s most challenging hole, you’ll be greeted by one of our longest par fives that plays up to 570 yards (from the silver tees). Hole two’s straight away layout features large fairway bunkers and is surrounded by desert and residential areas, which is why strategic play is key. The hole’s lengthy tee-to-green distance and challenging hazards contribute to its number one handicap for ladies.

Tee Shot: Avoid the Desert Area on the Right

Hitting your drive into the desert waste area on the fairway’s right side could leave an undesirable second shot. This area of the course sits approximately 30 feet below the surface of the fairway, making it practically impossible to reach the green in two.

Avoid this situation by aiming your tee shot toward the left side of the fairway. Clearing the first set of fairway bunkers will provide an excellent line for your second shot.

Hole #2 Yardage card

Planning Your Approach: 2 Options

The golfer who successfully finds the fairway off the tee has two basic options for his or her second shot:

Option 1: “The Safe Play”

Conservative golfers might prefer to lay up in front of the expansive bank of bunkers that lies directly in front of the green. If you’re successful with this strategy, you’ll have about a 140-yard approach shot. Be sure to stay out of the sand, but don’t go too long or right—you might find more desert.

Option 2: “The Aggressive Play”

Getting on the green in two strokes is feasible for the player who can fly the ball over the massive bank of greenside bunkers. It’s a classic risk-reward situation, but the risk is considerable. Missing short-left is your next best option, providing an easier up-and-down for your birdie. Falling short-center could leave a nasty bunker lie that’s approximately six feet below the green’s surface.

Tips for the Green

The green on hole two is larger and less undulated than some of Las Sendas’ other greens, making it a little easier for a birdie or par save. As we’ve already discussed, however, simply getting to the green can be difficult due to the large bank of bunkers and the desert areas that surround it.

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