Las Sendas Golf Club’s thirteenth hole may not seem that daunting to the unsuspecting golfer. After all, the hole’s tee-to-green distance (430 yards from the silver tees, 322 from the copper tees) is relatively manageable for a par four, and the fairway is one of the largest at Las Sendas. However, hole thirteen’s green is one of the most challenging (and smallest) on the course—a big reason why it’s rated our fourth hardest hole for men and sixth for women.

Tee Shot: Split the Fairway Bunkers

Practically everyone chooses to hit driver on hole thirteen due to its relatively wide open fairway with minimal risks. Hitting your drive straight down the middle of the fairway is the surest way to avoid the bunkers to the right and left. Favoring the right side of the fairway (without getting too close to the bunker) offers the best view of the green, which is slightly angled.

Be sure to account for the “valley effect,” which causes hole thirteen’s fairway to gradually slope from left to right. Landing in the desert area beyond the right fairway bunker could result in a lost ball and penalty stroke.

Hole #13 Yardage Card

Planning Your Approach

A good tee shot should leave most golfers within a wedge shot of the green. Keep in mind that hole thirteen’s green is a very small target that’s guarded by two bunkers on the right and surrounded by desert. When in doubt, it’s better to opt for a shorter club and find the middle of the apron grass. Chipping from the right or left of the green is tricky due to the green’s slope.

Small, Sloping Green

Hole thirteen’s green isn’t just small—it also slopes from the backside toward the front-left corner. Rolling off the front-left edge of the green could leave your ball about twenty feet below the green’s surface, posing an incredibly difficult up and down.

Grab a Snack and Beverage at the Oasis

Be sure to stop by Las Sendas Golf Club’s Oasis snack bar after putting out on hole thirteen. Choose from a selection of hot dogs, premade sandwiches, and beverages. Staying hydrated is especially important for playing desert golf in Arizona.

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