The eleventh hole is arguably the shortest at Las Sendas Golf Club (138 yards from the silver tees, 87 yards from the copper tees). It’s the 18 handicap for ladies and a great birdie opportunity. However, the hole’s challenging green complex—which is encircled by desert and includes a deep bunker—should not be ignored.

Tee Shot: Hitting Uphill

Hole eleven’s tee boxes sit approximately 30 feet below the green’s elevation, which inhibits the golfer’s view of the green. The green is shaped like an avocado, with the narrowest part being closest to the tee box. A pin placement toward the front of the green can be especially difficult due to the bunker’s location on the right and sloped area to the left. The smart play usually involves hitting a slightly longer club toward the green’s backside and putting toward the pin.

Hole #11 Yardage Card

Don’t Forget About the “Valley Effect”

At first glance, it seems like the green should slope from back to front due to the increasing elevation from tee to green. In reality, the green slopes toward the back right corner because of the “valley effect”—a phenomenon that causes golf balls to roll toward the lower surrounding areas.

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